Relationship status facebook disappeared from my yahoo

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relationship status facebook disappeared from my yahoo

If a user decides to deactivate an account, the profile information is no longer available on Facebook, but the site still saves all of the. (Now if only these folks thought twice before included their headshot on their icon Answers posts include questions ranging from relationship advice, to weight loss, You're welcome— these are some of the most funny Yahoo Answers out there. . "Why should anyone judge me because I'm missing 1 tooth, I still have a . "Yahoo is still making money, it's still profitable, still has 13, Facebook stock officially went on sale on May 18 at $38 per share. It closed.

Now no matter how hard I searched on the Yahoo helpline, I could not find any possible way to get a live Yahoo contact. There were titillating promises--"Yahoo customer support may come via email But no chat line resulted, let alone an email to write to or phone number.

I could only fill out an automated form requesting "restoration": Ever resourceful, I checked Google, Facebook, Twitter.

Yahoo Nightmare - Total Wipeout of Emails

No way to contact a Yahoo agent. Then I found a website devoted to Yahoo user complaints: With 33, complaints identical mine posted in the last 24 hours! Thousands and thousands of people all over the world--from Greece to Mexico-- have lost their life email savings overnight.

One person lost all their contracts for their house sale. A business CEO lost 15 years of his client records. Another woman, her life contacts. Every minute, someone new is writing in distress. The most frequent outcry: Yahoo sent a Tweet saying that some users are experiencing "Yahoo Mail issues," and engineers were working on it. But, as the forum chatters noted, it was not specified whether the "issues" referred to is the email wipe-out.

View Friendship history Look back at all the Facebook interactions you've had with a particular friend by going to their profile page, clicking in the arrow in the top right corner and selecting 'See Friendship' from the dropdown menu. You can also see a friendship page for two of your friends by going to a friendship page, clicking 'More' under the cover photo and typing in the names of two of your friends.

Check your 'Other' messages Just as Facebook highlights stories in your news feed that it thinks are of greater importance to you, it also sorts your messages.

facebook relationship status disappeared for only ME ? | Yahoo Answers

The main Messages folder contains messages from your friends and their friends. All other messages will go into an 'Other' folder where you can look at them separately. This Other folder isn't visible until you view your main Messages folder, and Facebook doesn't send you a notification when a new message arrives in this folder.

You might therefore have hundreds of unread messages that Facebook has filed in your Other inbox. View Photos the old way If you don't like the way that photos appear in a pop-out black box when you click on them, you can simply revert to the preview Facebook photo display by pressing F5 on your keyboard.

relationship status facebook disappeared from my yahoo

This allows you to flick through the photos in an album in classic view. Prevent tagged posts from automatically displaying on your Timeline Facebook gives you the option to manually approve or dismiss tags that people add to your posts.

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When you turn it on, anytime someone tags a photo or post you made, that tag won't appear until you approve it. To turn on tag review, click on the arrow at the top right of any Facebook page and select 'Settings' In the left-hand column.

relationship status facebook disappeared from my yahoo

Then click Timeline and Tagging and look for the setting 'Who can add things to my timeline? It should be noted that this only controls what's allowed on your timeline. Posts you're tagged in still appear in search, news feed and other places on Facebook 6. Turn your profile upside down When the Pirate English language option appeared on Facebook several years ago it attracted a fair bit of attention.

It changes, for example, 'What's on your mind?