Relationship to principal applicant meaning

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relationship to principal applicant meaning

To be eligible for permanent residence, the principal applicant and any Important: A conjugal partner is, in relation to a sponsor, a foreign national residing . Please review the definition of “family member” in Appendix A. FORM IMME - Question Number 6 Q. Relationship to principal applicant? A. Options: Spouse, Common-Law partner, Conjugal Partner. principal applicant (residence). From policy R Who may be included in an application (Generic residence policy). R Definition of 'principal applicant'.

Police certificates You the principal applicantand any family members 18 or older who are not already Canadian citizens or permanent residentsmust submit police certificates from the following country or countries with your application: The country where you or they currently live, if you have lived there for six months or more.

Some countries need a consent form from IRCC to issue a police certificate. Find out if the country from which you need a police certificate requires a consent form. If required, you should submit the consent form to us in place of the police certificate.

This will likely delay the processing of your application. See How to get a police certificate for up-to-date information about obtaining police certificate from any country.

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Check your application to avoid common mistakes Important: If you do not include all requested forms and documents listed on the checklist, your whole application will be returned to you without being processed. Incomplete applications will not have a place in the processing queue. Regardless of who you are sponsoring: Always check country specific requirements before submitting your application.

For some countries, originals of certain documents are required. In these cases, you must submit the original and not a copy. If you do not submit original documents when required, your application will be returned as incomplete.

Elastic bands for photos or paper clips are acceptable. If sponsoring more than one dependent child as a principal applicant, make sure you submit separate complete applications for each child i.

In situations where having this form signed from the other parent is impossible i. A Canadian citizen is not eligible to be sponsored.

relationship to principal applicant meaning

If you already have proof of Canadian citizenship for your child, provide a copy of this proof citizenship certificate or copy of Canadian passportto help us confirm that your child does not require immigrant processing. If your child was born in Canada, you can provide a copy of their Canadian long form birth certificate s instead. Children born in Canada If a child was born in Canada, they are likely a Canadian citizen unless they fall under certain exceptions.

If your child was born in Canada but falls under an exception i.

Guide 5525 – Basic guide: Sponsor your spouse, partner or child

To review the instructions for this form, see Guide — Use of Representative. If the sponsor and principal applicant are being represented by the same person, only one form is required. However, this must be signed by both the sponsor and principal applicant. Marriage certificates For spousal sponsorships, make sure you include a valid marriage certificate or proof of registration of your marriage with your application see checklist details.

The document s you submit must show that the marriage was legally registered with the government where it took place. A record of solemnization obtained in Canada or marriage license will not be accepted as proof that the sponsor and applicant are married.

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Check the country specific requirements to see if there are specific instructions for the country where the marriage took place. Proof of identity documents Proof of identity is an important part of an application to become a permanent resident: Carefully review the checklist sections on identity documents, travel documents, and passports.

Make sure you submit a copy of your birth certificate, and if you have included dependents in your application the birth certificates of your family members. If an immigration officer is satisfied the principal applicant and partner included in the application are living together in a partnership that is genuine and stable, but the duration of that partnership is less than the 12 months required, then: If a partner's application for a residence class visa has been deferred as described in a ii above they may be granted a work visa once an application has been made for a period sufficient to enable the qualifying period to be met and any further assessment of their residence class visa application to be completed see WF2.

relationship to principal applicant meaning

In each case where a person relies on being the partner of a principal applicant for the purposes of inclusion in an application and subsequent grant of a residence class visathe onus of proving that the person included is the partner of the principal applicant, that their partnership is genuine and stable, and of the required duration lies with the principal applicant and their partner see F2.

For a 'dependent child' to be included in an application to be granted a residence class visa, an immigration officer must be satisfied that they are a dependent child. Children aged 18 to 20 years of age are presumed to be dependent if they are single and have no child ren of their own. For children aged 21 to 24 years of age, evidence of actual dependence may be required. Such children cannot be included in an application unless the applicant parent produces satisfactory evidence of their right to remove the child from the country in which the rights of custody or visitation have been granted or if no such rights have been granted, from the country of residence.

Except where d applies, evidence of the right to remove the child from the country in which rights of custody or visitation have been granted must include original or certified copies of: Children 22 years old or older also known as an overage dependent children qualify as dependants if they meet both of these requirements: Definition of a dependent child from August 1,to October 23, Children qualify as dependants if they are: Children 21 years old and under who are married or in a common-law relationship may qualify as overage dependants if they meet both of these requirements: Overage dependants To be eligible as a dependant, children 22 years old and older must: If your child became a spouse or partner before the age of 22, your child may be eligible as a dependant only if your child meets both of these requirements: Dependant type There are different types of dependent children.

On your immigration application forms, you must select which type your dependent child is. You can use our online tool to check which type of dependant your child is. Dependant types used on applications submitted between August 1,and October 23, Type 1 The dependant is under the age of 19 and single not married and not in a common-law relationship. Type 2 The dependant is 19 years of age or older, has been financially dependent on a parent since before the age of 19 due to a physical or mental condition.