Ressha sentai toqger ending a relationship

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ressha sentai toqger ending a relationship

Since Power Rangers began, nearly every Super Sentai series since has and Toei's collaboration came to an end ultimately laying the groundwork for the . simple relationship: every year there'd be a new Super Sentai show, and every Like Go-Busters before it, Ressha Sentai ToQger (pronounced. Ressha Sentai Tokky?j? DVD Supesharu: Saraba, Chiketto! Arechi S?p? Tokky? Batoru!!) is a special DVD by Kodansha that details Ticket ending up on Akira's. Another Super Sentai Series has come and gone. time I take a train back to the series of ; Ressha Sentai ToQger. Though they did try to set-up a relationship between Mio and . ending themes for the next Super Sentai Series (Shuriken Sentai Ninninger) because they did an excellent job here.

She may look weak, but she is definitely strong. Akira ToQ 6 is the sixth Ranger of this team. He was a Shadow monster by the name of Zalam that made it rain everywhere he walked, but he wanted to make amends with himself by betraying the Shadow Line and join the Rainbow Line as a repairman.

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But when Right wants him to join as a ToQger, he was cautious as everyone else. But, he was able to fight as ToQ 6. He is definitely the serious type of sixth Rangers. A man of his word as he had to make a deal with General Schwarz in order to get the ToQgers safely back home. But, he would have to join Schwarz in fighting against Zett.

Ressha Sentai ToQger

He was a great sixth Ranger with a good back story and always walking around with his harmonica. There are a few side characters that are part of the Rainbow Line.

ressha sentai toqger ending a relationship

These two were fun to have as our mentor for this series as both are very opposite to each other. Wagon is the robotic assistant of the train as she helps motivates the team.

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He is very stern and at times has to step in to say that something is wrong. The President watches many of the events unfold in that giant rabbit head. Then we have the villains of the Shadow Line. She may look creepy, but she is innocent. All she wants is General Schwarz to love her, only to find out that she is forced to like Zett.

ressha sentai toqger ending a relationship

Finally, there is the main leader Zett, who has been living in the darkness for as long as he can remember only wanting to obtain a sparkle of light and wants to steal it from Right. I always thought that the sparkle was a metaphor for something that makes a person unique. One thing I like about these villains is that they operate like their own government.

They were a very sophisticated bunch. The Designs and Music: When it comes to the suit designs, people are very decisive over both the ToQger design and Robo designs.

Personally, I really like the ToQger suit designs. They might be basic, but we kind of needed something basic. I do like the gimmick of the Transfer Change where the ToQgers will change weapons and colour depending on the Ressha they use.

The Robo designs on the other hand I am very mixed about. Though I will credit to where it is due, the Shadow Line monster designs look great, especially the main generals. They have a very cool steampunk design to them and it looks awesome. His only potentialy interesting plot is his relationship with Schwartz, especially after the latter becomes also a traitor in the Shadow Line's eyes. It's pretty telling when the smartest character in the show is a monkey puppet.

And the less we talk about the Conductor, Wagon, or the president of the Rainbow line and his bunny head, the better. The most interesting element with the Shadow line is how dyfunctional the villain group is, with most of the villains having an antagonism against the others. Another good point about the Shadow Line is that the generals are skilled fighters, and that they regularly show it. Mork and Nero are the least interesting of the Shadow Line, merely standard generals who mostly care about spreading darkness.

Madame Noire is most interesting, because she tried to take over the Shadow Line by using her daughter Gritta to marry and then "eat" the Emperor of the Shadow Line, Zet. Unfortunately for her, her plan backfired, and since then, she's pretty much forced to work for Zet, her only hope to break free being the fact that her daughter might not have been completely consumed by the emperor.

Gritta, Noire's daughter is interesting because she hasn't shown much evil, and she showed loving feelings for General Schwartz.

However, despite not wanting to marry the emperor, she was forced to do so after failing to run away, because of Noire's insistence and Schwartz's betrayal. After eating Emperor Zet, she briefly became Empress of Shadow, but at the end, Zet ended up taking over her, and now, she's stuck into the Emperor's body.

Gritta has some potential, because she's more innocent than evil but she needs more screen time. Schwartz and Zet are the most interesting characters.

Zet, despite being the Emperor of Darkness, doesn't care about his generals, monsters and spreading darkness, but only is obsessed about light, shining, and spends most of the time being bored. While he's supposed to be the Big Bad, and even if he's not especially nice, and has shown impressive amounts of power, he doesn't seem to care anough to feel really like a Big Bad.

Ressha Sentai ToQGer - Final Battle + Rainbow ToQ IchiGou Vs Zett

It has some potential as a story, but unfortunately, it also adds to the stalling of the plot. Schwartz is more interesting: He's a cunning and cruel general, but he's also shown an honorable side. While he ended up betraying Gritta, because he hoped that by helping Madame Noire in her usurping plot, he would be allowed to have his army and conquer the world using his trains and soldiers, he was still touched by Miss Gritta's feelings for her, and when the young girl sacrificed herself to save him from a Toqger attack, and ended up being taken over by Zet, Schwartz started to feel genuine remorse in what his action did to the young girl, and, after being banished by Zet, wanted to avenge himself and Gritta to find some redemption.

The Toqger, who are actually kids who managed to escape a town ovetaken by darkness thansk to their imagination ended up grown up by the president of the Rainbow Line and now fight the e Shadow Line, using the power of Imagination and are looking for their home city. While the concept isn't that bad, unfortunately the execution is pretty badly done, notably because og Kobayashi is very poorly talented in storytelling, once again.

Even their Darkliners are more complexly designed. This is actually subverted. Although The Chick gets pink as her primary color, none of the guys seem to mind being pink. In fact, Hikari willingly switched with Kagura as her weapon was lighter though he left her with his weapon, which is too heavy for her to lift. Right winds up in pink as often as anyone else. Tokashiki and Akira have one, after Akira made a deal with General Schwarz.

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There's a power-swapping mechanic this year, allowing the ToQgers to switch their colors and personal weapons around while keeping their number. Purple Is the New Black: Frequently used with the Shadow Line. The trains are part of the "Rainbow Line" and run on rainbow tracks.

The way ToQ-Oh is built, with the component trains making five vertical stripes, even makes it look like a walking rainbow. ToQ-Oh, by virtue of its feet being train cars. Kagura needs help getting in and out of the mechs.

ressha sentai toqger ending a relationship

Akira and bathhouses in You see the male rangers shirtless in the bathhouse in episode Shoot the Shaggy Dog: In episode 10, one of title used as attack by the Monster of the Week is Adieu ToQ Express, same as title from one of the movies from Galaxy Express Hammer Shadow's gimmick evokes that of a Phantom.

Though it's done in Lighter and Softer ways well, except Duel Shadowit's like both the Wizard villains and the Shinkenger villains, since the villains evoke negative emotions to harvest the dark energy. Wig Shadow is attacked by angry chickens. He sure has some similarity to another white colored Z angetsu -Shin Mitsuzane Kureshima in a way that they are both an Evil Counterpart to the main character, psychotic manchildrenmanipulative, obsessive and sure have some tastes in wardrobe.

Mio shoving Gritta aside when they're in each other's bodies. Spell My Name with an "S": The official romanization of the word for "express line" is "ToQ" instead of the more common "Tokkyu". But as is often the case, it's not consistent; the official show website, for instance, spells the name of the robot as "Tokyuoh". Shadow Line's train tracks have spikes. Red Ressha - the most prominent train of the series - is a steam engine. Sweet and Sour Grapes: In the final episode, the ToQgers decide to remain adults and leave their homes and families behind so that they won't lose their memories of their adventures.