San francisco 1936 ending relationship


san francisco 1936 ending relationship

Read articles and publications about, , with. will have none of it, and his tumultuous relationship with Mary soon ends in separation. . One scene towards the end of San Francisco gave Clark Gable some trouble. San Francisco, American dramatic film, released in , that recounted the San Francisco earthquake of Blake signs with the Tivoli and begins a relationship with Holt. The film ends with the cast singing “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”. Entertainment · Book Club · Docs/ology · Family and Relationships · Life start with San Francisco, the Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, and Jeanette (San Francisco, open your Golden Gate/You'll let no stranger wait outside your door) The film ends on a high note, with the people of San Francisco.

One knocks the other squarely down, concluding their session.

San Francisco (1936) Clark Gable as Blackie Norton, Scene 2

Changing out of their exercise gear, the latter dons a natty suit, the former a priest's collar. The first man is "Blackie" Norton Clark Gablea saloonkeeper and gambler. She becomes a star attraction at the Paradise, especially for singing "San Francisco" a song composed for the movie, which became one of the city's official anthems.

Father Tim makes several attempts to reform Blackie, while the other nightclub owners urge him to run for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in order to protect their crooked interests. Encouraged by Father Tim, who believes Blackie can use the supervisor position to implement reform, Blackie decides to run for office.

san francisco 1936 ending relationship

Despite Father Tim's best efforts, Blackie remains a jaunty Barbary Coast atheist, although Blackie secretly paid for the new organ in Father Tim's church. Blackie's feelings for Mary intensify, but complications arise when she is offered an opportunity to sing in the opera. Although she initially refuses to break her contract with Blackie, she later leaves the Paradise Club due to the overtly sexual manifestation of Blackie's feelings for her.

Blackie wants to stop Mary singing at the Tivoli: However, when he hears her sing he decides not to stop the opera. After her performance, Blackie visits Mary in her dressing room.

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Realizing she still loves him, Mary forwardly asks him to marry her. Blackie agrees, but their reunion is soon interrupted by Burley, who had proclaimed his love for Mary and proposed to her prior to the show. Blackie, seeing Burley as competition for Mary's affections, is happy to tell him of their intent to marry. However, as Blackie gloatingly tells Burley of their plans, it becomes clear that Blackie intends to take Mary away from the Tivoli and put her back on stage at the Paradise.

Burley appeals to Mary, but Blackie presents Mary with an ultimatum by asking if she wants to marry him or stay at the Tivoli.

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Mary's choice is to return to the Paradise. Backstage, before the opening night of her return performance, she asks Blackie if they can set the date for their wedding. Blackie agrees, but wants to postpone getting married until after the election. Father Tim drops in, and is angered by Mary's skimpy stage costume. He defies Blackie to put her on the stage in front of the rowdy Paradise audience. Mary observes Blackie's reaction to Father Tim's statements, and decides to leave with the priest after Blackie strikes him in the face.

In a private conversation, she confesses her unworthiness, but Mrs. Burley informs Mary that she started out in as Massie, a simple washerwoman in Portsmouth Square. MacDonald sings the title song several times. She even gave a shout-out to Jeanette from the stage. A pair of legendary silent directors contributed uncredited work on San Francisco.

Griffith, long since put out to pasture by the movie industry, lent his expertise in directing several of the crowd scenes, and Erich von Stroheim wrote a few lines of dialogue, without the knowledge of studio head Louis B. Mayer, that made it into the finished picture. Tracy knew the director, W. Van Dyke aka One-Take Woodyhated doing retakes, so the line stayed in. Sure the love story plot is creaky but the final 30 minutes are brilliant.

The special effects in the final 30 minutes do hold up remarkably well. The problem with the finale involving the earthquake is that it has almost no connection with the 90 minutes preceding it. With a small rewrite you could have excluded the disaster completely.

san francisco 1936 ending relationship

Its only purpose is to give Blackie a reason to have a change of heart. Structurally this movie reminded me although that hardly seems fair since this movie was made some 60 years earlier of Titanic. Both movies feature a soap opera plot leading up to a disaster.

san francisco 1936 ending relationship

James Cameron at least had the good sense to have the disaster take up half the movie. Take out the sinking of the ship from Titanic and you have no movie, but the earthquake here just isn't as integrated into the film's plot.

San Francisco: The Movie

She had a beautiful soprano voice and the studio was obviously eager to show it off because she sings a few times too many, including a montage of her performing in an opera. The problem is that no matter how great her voice, every time she opens her mouth to sing, she stops the plot cold. It doesn't help that none of the songs she is given to sing are very memorable.

Okay, so the title song is catchy and I can imagine Judy Garland selling it, but it's not suited to MacDonald's operatic style. The plot is hindered by the Production Code's censorship. Blackie is supposed to be an unscrupulous rogue. He runs the most popular nightclub on San Francisco's Barbary Coast; a region known for prostitution, gambling, drinking and general debauchery.

Here though, the area has been so sanitized that Blackie's club seems practically family friendly. His big sins are being a ladies' man who dismisses religion as a haven for suckers.

Gable plays him with such charm that even these minor defects are easily forgiven.

san francisco 1936 ending relationship

He and the city are never allowed by the Code to behave in a way that truly deserves an earthquake sent by God as the story implies. Spencer Tracy's Oscar nomination is a puzzler. He's a great actor, but this part is hardly award worthy and even if it were deserving of an Oscar, surely it should have been in the Supporting category. I also have to ask, what was going on with the boxing trunks Gable wears when he's sparring with Tracy?

If he were wearing them 30 plus years later in San Francisco you'd just assume he was romantically interested in Tracy rather than MacDonald. I'll grant you Patrick that the final 30 minutes are brilliant.