Sandra bullock relationship history quiz

Play Date Or Dump With These 90s Actresses, And We'll Guess Who'd Say Yes To You!

sandra bullock relationship history quiz

Although the focus of Oceans costar Sandra Annette Bullock Dating History Grid List . Doodle Jun, I am extremely saddened to quiz her costar Sandra and. Sandra Bullock was rumored to be with Ryan Reynolds; Sandra Bullock was married to Jesse James; Sandra Bullock dated Ryan Gosling; Sandra Bullock dated. 65 questions and answers about 'Bullock, Sandra' in our 'People Themed A-D' category. Did you know these fun facts and interesting bits of information?.

Ten years of tortured romantic dramas would follow. Falling for Demi Moore means falling very deeply. What do you think - would you take the plunge? Whether you loved or hated Eliza Dushku's character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you had to at least have a soft spot for her. Would you ask her out? We're just kidding, that's not true. At least, we don't think it is. Catherine's so hot, she may very well be an alien spy.

What do you think? Question 10 Date Dump You know this list wouldn't be complete without a show-stopping picture of Pamela Anderson. If this were a competition of which actress had the most posters printed of her in the 90s, Pam would probably win.

Did you have a picture of her on your wall? Better be on your guard - wherever she goes, she usually ends up in need of rescuing. Spider-Man likes to take care of that, because he loves her. Do you feel the same way about Kirsten Dunst? Are you jealous of Spidey? Question 12 Date Dump Here's our second friend, and you'd better be ready for her! If you remember the 90s, then you probably remember seeing a lot of Courteney Cox's face. If she was your friend, would you want to take things to the next level?

Bullock, Sandra Trivia Questions & Answers | People Themed A-D

Question 13 Date Dump Before becoming queen of Hollywood in the s, Angelina Jolie was known in the 90s as a dark, irresistible damsel.

Her performances in Girl, Interrupted and Gia were motivating enough to bring you to tears, and captivating enough to send you running for your diary. Would you date Quentin Tarantino's main gal? We both know why it happened. It takes a lot for me to fall [in love]. And knowing him was the greatest gift to myself and to my personality—and to my work, in sort of opening the door. And it doesn't go away.

It's always something that'll be taken care of and I respect it, and I protect that more than anything, and I won't let anybody cheapen it. Because two good, honest people, just because it doesn't work doesn't mean they can't stay friends We both made mistakes and you've got to go on. Asked if she wanted to be married, the then 30ish-old Bullock she used to play coy about such things way back in the daytold Walters, "I'd love to be in a place where I go, 'I'm ready to be married.

Vanity Fair broached the rumor, but she shook her head, saying, "I don't want to put myself in the dating category.

sandra bullock relationship history quiz

I don't know anybody who'd want to get involved with me right now, and be put through all the strain, because I have no idea what all the repercussions might be. I couldn't possibly imagine anybody wanting to be there unless they were a thrill seeker.

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But for a year I was by myself trying to date and I'm telling you dating was the worst experience I ever had. I seem to have attracted everyone whose intentions were not the best. And what do I choose to let go of and not control? But when the nearly two-year romance was unfolding, neither admitted to it in real time.

Asked how they managed to stay friends, she said, "It's the work we both put in. There's a great amount of respect and love. I feel very cared for by Matthew. No matter where he is in his life or where I am in mine—he could be married—I know we would stay close.

Kinda like she did with McConaughey, she's said to have helped put Schneider on the map. We live our life together one day at a time. It's something I learned through trial and error," Bullock dished to Cinema.

Olivia Wilde Jessica Biel These two actresses have been acting in American entertainment for quite some time now. Olivia Wilde's long run on the hit television series House will not soon be forgotten. Do you want to pick Olivia Wilde or Jessica Biel?

Charlize Theron Jennifer Aniston The two actresses are no stranger to appearing on the big screen. Of course, most of us remember Jennifer Aniston's memorable role on Friends. Even though they are aging, both these actresses maintain gorgeous appearances.

We simply cannot wait for an Underworld reboot; Kate Beckinsale's portrayal of Selene is out of this world. Question 11 Alexandra Daddario or Kate Upton? Alexandra Daddario Kate Upton Kate Upton has been a model for most of her career, but she recently turned to acting as well. Who do you think is the more attractive actress?

Is it Alexandra Daddario or Kate Upton? Salma Hayek Viola Davis These two artists have accomplished what few other actresses have for the roles that they play.

It is not difficult to understand why Viola Davis won an Oscar for best supporting actress, when she appeared in the movie Fences. Is it Salma Hayek or Viola Davis? It is difficult to choose between these two actresses because most of us have enjoyed at least one of their movies.

sandra bullock relationship history quiz

Who do you think is more good-looking. Is it Cameron Diaz or Gwyneth Paltrow? Regardless of who plays Lara Croft, the physical requirements to play the role are ridiculous. Kaley Cuoco Ashley Benson Both of these actresses are young and talented.

Bullock, Sandra Trivia Questions & Answers : People Themed A-D

Without a doubt, there will be much to come from these two actresses. Liv Tyler is the daughter of Aero Smith.

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Zoe Saldana Morena Baccarin These two actresses are entirely different people, so choosing the more attractive person may prove to be challenging. If you are ever unsure, take a guess—there is no right or wrong answer.

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Is it Zoe Saldana or Morena Baccarin? Margot Robbie Krysten Ritter When admiring beauty, there is never a right or wrong interpretation. Beauty is subjective, so what one person may find good-looking will not be the same for another. Margot Robbie or Krysten Ritter?