Soul eater not akane relationship trust

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soul eater not akane relationship trust

További ötletek a következővel kapcsolatban: Anime soul, Soul eater not és soul eater not akane and tsugumi - Cerca con Google Death Note, Lilaakác. I swear, Akane looks so much better in Soul Eater Not!<3. Please help the Soul Eater Wikia by adding citations to reliable sources. Tsugumi's family compared to her relationships with other characters in Soul Eater Not! . Tsugumi is polite and respectful towards Akane just like Clay, and is a little nervous . However, Stein trusts Tsugumi with his only vial of the antidote towards.

soul eater not akane relationship trust

For example, Meme and Tsugumi initially think of Clay as trying to be mature in class, until noticing how nervous he is at their waitering job at Deathbucks, at which point they acknowledge that he can be clumsy with taking and bringing out orders. However, during this lesson, Tsugumi claims she has spent little time alone with Clay.

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Although he can be cautious about her safety, he is aware of some of her more humorous qualities brought about by her fixation on commoners' lives. Nevertheless, when he thinks Anya is in danger, Clay's concern can lead him to be terse with and dismissive of her.

Before this revelation to Anya, the two were familiar with each other and seemed to get along. After this revelation, coupled with Clay's refusal to let her stay in Death City after Shaula and Meme killed Sid, their regard for each other grows more antagonistic, Clay defying her desires for the sake of her safety, and Anya frustrated with his dismissiveness and seeming lack of confidence in her and Tsugumi.

soul eater not akane relationship trust

Before Sid's death, Clay expresses some bemusement at seeing Anya's over-the-top enjoyment with her job at Deathbucks, even as Akane mocked him for his own desire to get into the part. When they first introduced themselves by name as NOT classmates working at Deathbucks, Anya referred to Akane and Clay as "foolish" for already spending their allowance and having to take this part-time job—when she as well spent all of her allowance and had to take the same part-time job. He expresses annoyance at her insistence to stay in Death City to comfort and assist Tsugumi.

soul eater not akane relationship trust

Despite his outburst at Anya, he is quick to apologize and seems embarrassed at his anger at her, turning away from her. He remains focused on her safety, preventing her from opening the door to their car to the Traitors, even if that means leaving Ox Ford to face them alone. Based on his research at Central Intelligence, Clay suspects for some time that Meme is possessed by Shaula, his research helping him determine along with Sid and Akane how the witch used a higher form of mind possession to control Meme without her losing her emotions but with the side effect of memory loss.

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Clay was also one of the first people to discover her secret identity as Texas Mask, finding the disguise in Meme's Halloween costume bag that she brought with her during her nighttime break-in at the Anti-Witch Headquarters. While Clay will try to appear calm in front of Sid and appreciates his complicates, he also can be nervous around him. Akane is able to tolerate uncomfortable circumstances, claiming he clears his mind of distractions, including his warm blazer even in warm temperatures.

While this may seem to be a mistake on Clay's part, as his pranks on Akane do not provoke a frightened reaction, Clay may be accurate, as Tsugumi, around whom Akane lets his guard down, managed to put Akane into a catatonic state with her own monster mask. Strangely, as even with these glasses removed, his right eye remains normal, while the left is not.

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His fringe of hair appears to conceal this star shaped pupil, which would ultimately show his relation to the Hoshi Family. His typical attire consists of a simple black suit accompanied by a white shirt and solid black tie, which is further adorned by the presence of an ornate Shinigami tie clip. This clothing is completed by a simple pair of black leather shoes and a light-colored belt. While still retaining its original color and length, his dark hair has since been arranged into a prominent array of spikes, both directed towards and obscuring the left-half of his face, whilst still allowing his glasses to be seen.

It seems that his regular uniform, while undertaking his routine duties, is now comprised from a pair of dark trousers and white t-shirt, worn under a short-sleeved jacket. This coat is emblazoned by two Shinigami emblems, the teeth of which run down the entire length of its front, with a further pair of stars depicted upon either shoulder.

soul eater not akane relationship trust

He typically wears this jacket open with its collar upturned, while multiple black bands encircle both of his lower forearms. Akane's appearance in Soul Eater.

Akane as a waiter in Soul Eater Not! Akane's appearance in the Soul Eater Not! A capable meister, Akane is familiar with other sorts of weaponry such as a halberd, although how much is unknown. Akane specializes in the usage of a great sword and primarily used his weapon partner's form, the Demon Great Sword. His proficiency is enough to use the sword to counter Shaula's magical attacks [12] and skillfully hold his own against White Rabbitdespite being at a disadvantage.

The aforementioned Clown praised his skill for such a feat.

soul eater not akane relationship trust

Akane's possess this soul sensing technique.