Sun signs vs moon do in relationship

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sun signs vs moon do in relationship

The moon governs your emotions, habits, and instincts. When it comes to relationships, this is important! When it comes to astrology much is made of romantic compatibility, especially with sun signs. We'll be focusing on the Moon (how you do emotions), Mercury (how you communicate), Venus (how. When it comes to love, your Moon sign can help you meet your your true emotional side and the way you react to others in your relationships. by the presence of the Moon in a particular zodiac sign at the time of your birth. Moon signs are a strong indicator of compatibility in love. When two people's moons are conjunct—in the same Zodiac sign—there's a homey feeling. each other's quirks, the relationship can succeed and even thrive.

You'll need complete birth data date, time, and location to know both the Ascendant and Descendant. Once you know your Ascending Sign, the sign on your Descendant is easy. The sign on your Descendant is the sign opposite your Ascending sign.

As an example, if your Ascending sign is Aries, the sign on the Descendant will be Libra.

sun signs vs moon do in relationship

Your Ascendant sign shows how you view life, how you choose to present yourself to the world, and how others initially see you. It represents everything from the style of your clothes to your mannerisms. It describes how you present yourself when you first meet someone. The sign on the Descendant represents the kind of person you're drawn to in relationships. The Ascendant and the Descendant form an axis. The signs on both ends of the axis have significant meaning in relationships.

The good news is that signs that are in a harmonious relationship with the sign on your Ascendant will also be compatible with the sign on your Descendant.

Having the Sun, Moon, or some personal planets in signs that are harmonious with the Ascending and Descending signs of both individuals is usually important for there to be an initial shared attraction. Take Note of the Social Planets It's always good to have compatible sign connections by both Jupiter and Saturn to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Descendant, and personal planets between partner's horoscopes.

Jupiter brightens and adds fun and optimism to a relationship Saturn adds stamina and relationship glue Look particularly for your partner's Sun, Moon, and personal planets that occupy signs that are harmonious with your Saturn and visa-versa.

These are important markers of commitment. Examine the Outer Planets The outer planets are slow moving generational planets that stay in one astrological sign for years. Unless your ages are very different, it's likely you and your significant other have all three outer planets in the same astrological sign. They represent qualities that are not part of the physical world and that don't typically identify as reality.

Individuals who are in a relationship that has many outer planet connections to personal planets will find that they are in a relationship that will, in one way or another, transform their life.

Starstruck: What Your Moon Sign Says About Your Romantic Compatibility

Uranus Uranus is the planet of rebellion. It's about questioning the rules and defying authority. Its sign placement indicates where you think for yourself and do it your way. If it occupies a sign that is compatible with your lover's planets and points, or vice-versa, it injects sudden change, unconventionality, experimentation, and instability into a relationship.

Neptune Neptune is the planet of dreams, fantasies, romance, addictions, spirituality, compassion, and confusion. Most Compatible — You work with emotions similarly, because you share the same element fire, air, water, or earth.

Meet Your Match — These folks work with emotions in a way that is different than you, elementally, but share similar emotional themes and goals in a way that makes you go yes. There will be some challenges, but with good communication, you can really learn and grow together. Take a Risk — You are the relationship no one in your life saw coming.

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Everything is a growth opportunity! Aries Moon An Aries moon is intense, but holds a fierce independence. You care a lot like, a lotand you want to do everything right now. Really seeing things through for the long-haul. What turns you on: People who are unafraid to wear their heart on their sleeve, who fearlessly do their own thing, who are unafraid to be the outsider, who are willing to take a risk for love.

Ultimately, you need someone or multiple someones who can keep up — and who is cool splitting off to do their own thing.

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To rent a car with someone and plan a road trip on the fly. Gemini, Aquarius Take A Risk: A Taurus moon wants to nap it out, eat it out, fuck it out.

You Taurus folks process your emotions in your own time; you are the sign that sows seeds, that teaches us to grow, that most cherishes your own inner stability. You need to physically feel your way through something, processing it through the body, whether through physically working out, laughing, crying. Good food at hole in the wall restaurants.

Moon Sign Compatibility

Good smells that evoke a sweet place and time. Your sign is ruled by Venus, who elevates anything she touches. Stop challenging yourself to be that spontaneous person and feeling guilty. You have so many gifts to offer.

What you need, Taurus moon babes, is someone who matches and enjoys your pace — which is leisurely, luxurious, and downright sensuous. Leo, Scorpio Take A Risk: Aries, Sagittarius Gemini You Gemini moons, children of Mercury, are charmed folk who can talk and flirt your way into anything and make the other person think it was their idea.

Adaptable and curious, people have to work to keep your attention you want to bestow it on everyone!

sun signs vs moon do in relationship

There are so many people to talk to! You process your feels by talking things out — but the real question at the end of the day is, what are you feeling? A quick wit and a dry charm.

Facility with language, if you will. Someone who wants to learn from you. Someone you can learn from. Hold onto those people, and let the rest go.

Explicitly clarifying situations and intentions will help a lot here. Virgo, Sagittarius Take a risk: Taurus, Pisces Cancer The moon is at home in Cancer. The moon feels deeply here.

Why You're Still Single, According To Your Zodiac Moon Sign

Shifts with the tides. Emotional is too easy a word; we all have emotions, and the moon rules our emotions, always. Cancer is the crab; the hard shell, the soft underbelly. Cancer wants to be able to take off its shell, its burdens, and lay down with its love s in tenderness, in solidarity, in total union and familiarity.

You know that people are more than capable of hurting you, so you isolate yourself from them when you can in order to minimize the damage that other people can do to you.

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That's why you're single. You're way too guarded and you will instinctually pull away from new connections, even with people that you happen to really like. That being said, you're a really strong person once you stop trying to protect yourself, and you might find yourself really surprised at how resilient you can be.

You're also the type of person who has no problem with taking care of yourself: Even if your Sun sign tends to come with a more relaxed personality, your Scorpio Moon sign makes you very passionate and even powerful. For you, emotional connection comes from expressing your feelings passionately, which is why you're an enigma to the people who don't know you and an open book to those that know you well.

You're single because your intensity and passion make you very intimidating for people who don't know how to handle that, and that can scare people off. You can also be a magnet for drama because of your intensity and that can be off-putting for some people.

You don't go seeking out drama, but if a fight comes your way you're going to finish it, and finishing that makes you feel powerful. You don't just connect with others emotionally, you do so spiritually as well, so you're almost on a whole other level than everyone else because you tend to think on a more metaphysical level.

You tend to come off as a really innocent and sweet person, but you also have claws that come out if it's necessary so people know not to tangle with you.

sun signs vs moon do in relationship

You're single because sometimes you come off as so enlightened that you look like you're looking down on the people who aren't. People who are more straightforward and don't get so philosophical might feel a little inferior to you.

Let's be real, sometimes you are, but most of the time you're just trying to get to the heart of what really matters in life. That being said, you're a person who follows your heart and knows what really matters, so there's no reason for you to settle for someone who doesn't appreciate that around you. You might be a more practical person on the surface, which is where your Sun sign would come in.