Tae guk gi ending relationship

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tae guk gi ending relationship

Grade: CThe title of the film “Tae Guk Gi,” which translates into “The the brothers represent a family relationship that an emotional episode of “Full it in the end to show how the evolution of these characters was affected by. Lee, Jinhee, "Film review: Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War [Taegukgi Hwinalrimyeo]" (). Faculty Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War ends meet , but they have dreams of a better life as and Jin-Tae's marriage to Young-Shin. The film "TaeGukGi: Brotherhood Of War" is about two brothers who are swept away in a gruesome war and end up fighting on opposite sides.

tae guk gi ending relationship

On June 25, North Korea invades the country, and chaos erupts across the nation. Jin-seok is conscripted into the army and when his brother tries to get him off the train, he is conscripted as well. The two brothers are sent to a battlefield. They survive their first artillery strike though Jin-seok nearly dies of a heart attack in shock. Jin-tae is told by his commanding officer that if he can earn the highest award for a South Korean soldier which is the Taeguk Cordon of the Order of Military Merit, his brother can be sent home.

Jin-tae willingly volunteers for many dangerous suicidal missions. He is promoted to the rank of Chungsa Sergeantbut Jin-seok says to his brother that he is concerned Jin-tae is risking his life for the glory of being appreciated and having attention.

The battle of Pyongyang soon follows, and many die on both sides. During the battle, Jin-tae captures an important North Korean captain Choi Min-sik and is finally awarded with the medal; however, a close friend named Yong-man died in the process, frustrating Jin-seok.

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China enters the war on the communist side, invading North Korea en masse and pushing South Korean and U. The unit sees the aftermath of a few massacres, and in turn massacres some North Korean units. Jin-seok witnesses the carnage and is sickened.

Yong-seok speaks with Jin-seok, telling him about events at home, and tells him how the family is doing now that they are living under the communists. Jin-tae murders Yong-seok when some prisoners make a stand with a hostage-the prisoners had been forced to fight for the entertainment of South Korean troops, and whoever lost would be starved. On their way home Jin-tae gets his medal and Young-shin is captured and taken by the anti-Communists Federation before Jin-seok's eyes when it is later discovered she signed up for the Communist Workers' Party of Korea to get food for the family while saying that the South Korean government gave them nothing in the country's time of need.

After Jin-seok escapes from a guard and Jin-tae tries to hold the anti-Communists back from killing Young-shin, who is furthermore accused of being "with every North Korean officer", a chaotic attempt by prisoners is made to escape.

During the struggle, Young-shin is shot and killed by an anti-Communist, and the brothers are arrested for trying to rescue her. Jin-seok cries out as Young-shin's body thrown into the trench along with the other previously executed prisoners.

In the jail, Jin-seok quietly mocks Jin-tae for Young-shin's death.

tae guk gi ending relationship

Jin-tae is later brought in for questioning by a security commander. His request to release his brother is refused, and a Chinese artillery strike takes place. The security commander then orders the prison to be set on fire where Jin-seok is being held. Trying to rescue his brother, Jin-tae loses his consciousness in the artillery strike and wakes up to mistakenly believe his brother died in the fire.

He brutally kills the security commander by bludgeoning him to death just before he is restrained by Chinese soldiers.

Korean film via stamps -- 'TaeGukGi: Brotherhood Of War'

In truth, Jin-seok had been transferred to a military hospital, after barely escaping the burning cell, and being saved by a soldier nicknamed Uncle Yang. However, Jin-seok was shot in the escape. Uncle Yang also brings a letter that Jin-tae wrote, and says that Jin-tae was never found but he doubts Jin-tae deserted. Though brothers, foreign ideologies and nations have torn them apart.

North Korea, has grown obsessed with power at the cost of innocent lives. But then, he remembers the earlier times. He chooses to forgive and find him.

tae guk gi ending relationship

He crosses enemy lines and surrenders himself. Is peaceful reconciliation possible between North and South? At least an end to hostility? In fact, he remembers that this enemy is his brother.

tae guk gi ending relationship

Understanding the earlier point that this is their family, we see that this question must be answered by the South Korean people -- the brother -- not us. As I write about spirituality in movies, TV, and books at asyourpoetshavsaid. Just as Jin-seok enters enemy occupied territory unarmed to save his brother, so Jesus Christ came into this world to save us from ourselves.

While this religious comment might seem out of the blue, this unfortunately needs mentioning, as some American Christians encourage war on the Korean Peninsula, completely missing the point of the gospel.

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At a minimum, we must believe they can be swayed to cooperate peacefully. Clinton also made significant steps to normalize relations with North Korea, and his former Secretary of Defense argues for the improved possibility of a diplomatic solution now. What can you do? First, watch Tae Guk Gi and draw your own conclusions.

tae guk gi ending relationship

Do not support a foreign policy that would push an ally into a war they seek to avoid. If you follow Jesus Christ or notpray for North Korea. Praying for reconciliation, transformation, and peace makes it difficult to simultaneously call for war.

Lastly, proclaim the message of peaceful resolution to family, friends, and your representatives. Maybe their opinions can be changed by your witness, and the story in Tae Guk Gi.