Talking about your relationship with friends

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talking about your relationship with friends

As soon as you start shit talking your relationship, you have made enemies for Of course it makes sense to confide in friends and family, but if you are telling. At some point in every relationship we all need a shoulder to cry on and an open ear to listen to us. While you may think venting to your friends is helpful, it can. To make sure that your romance remains strong, there are some things about your relationship that your friends definitely don't need to know.

Write a message About this project More than Ugandans die of suicide each year.

Suicide Prevention in Uganda - Help mend a broken heart

Uganda ranks the 4th country in Africa and 17th worldwide with highest suicide rates. However, other essential risk factors are a lack of aid programmes, a lack of social support as well as a general lack of sympathy for mental illnesses. Also, suicidal thoughts and behaviors are heavily stigmatized in Ugandan society. Additionally, people attempting suicide will face an imprisonment for up to two years. We aim for a suicide free generation with emotionally strong and informed citizens who can freely seek for help.

talking about your relationship with friends

Thus, our programme mainly operates in secondary schools. We carry out sensitization campaigns on suicide and mental health and train students with basic life coaching skills to enable them to support each other emotionally through active listening.

In addition to the peer-coaching, we conduct group sessions to promote both self-esteem as well as social skills. During her teenage years she became a victim of bullying. For a long time, she felt rejected and got depressed.

Suicide Prevention in Uganda - Help mend a broken heart – Jangu e.V. –

Finally, she attempted suicide twice since she neither saw the possibility to freely express her emotions nor to receive any social support. To be sexual and intimate with someone is one of the most vulnerable acts a human can expose themselves to.

Sharing the details decreases the value of those intimate moments with your partner.

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This will lead to more secrets, white lies, and a battlefield of discontent. Keep the safe space safe. Details of the latest fight No one is perfect. Not you, not your partner, and certainly not your friends and family. Even though we are all aware of this, we all judge those that make mistakes.

talking about your relationship with friends

They tried really hard to find something you liked and they missed the mark. Maybe your husband is a little overweight. Want to know how to turn things from civil to destructive?

7 things about your relationship that you probably *shouldn't* talk to your friends about

Some people have amazing relationships with their in-laws, others have problems from time to time. Nick Matiash Nick Matiash is a lifestyle blogger, relationship expert, and happily married man. He is a teacher by day and writer by night; writing about topics such as personal development, positive mindset, and relationship advice.