That 70s show relationship timeline marriage

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that 70s show relationship timeline marriage

As far as friendships go in That '70s Show, the relationship between Despite its name, That '70s Show has had several issues regarding the timeline. Fez and Laurie decide to get married so that he can stay and live as an. Allow Mila Kunis to tell the story of how she and That '70s Show co-star Ashton Kutcher got together. "We started dating with the idea we're both never going to get married," . He didn't seem to either, and the rest is history. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher met on "That 70's Show" but it would be years to start dating — here's a timeline of their adorable relationship The on-again, off-again onscreen couple is now happily married with two kids.

When Casey and Donna break up, Donna runs to Eric to be consoled only for Eric to tell her he wasn't going to be a rebound for her. Distraught, Donna chooses to run away to California with Michael who on the other hand is running away from Jackie. Eric realizes how much of a mistake he made after talking with his parents and leaves to find Donna, deciding to lay on her bed until she returns, only to find out later she ran away to California with Kelso [11].

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Engagement Eric goes to California at the end of summer to tell Donna how much he loves her and that he wants to be with her and they reconcile [12]. Eric decided that he wanted something big for him and Donna and he decided to propose to her on the Water Tower.

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Their engagement was disapproved by many especially Eric's father Red, who felt Eric wasn't being wise. Eric took Red's cruel punishment and received his blessing for doing so. Eric and Donna decided to move to Madison to start their life together and want to do so but are held back after Red suffers a heart attack.

that 70s show relationship timeline marriage

Donna is still moving away to college, but stays until the last bus to spend Eric's 18th birthday with him. But she proves that she can't leave him because it is too much of an adjustment to her life. Donna and Eric go through premarital counseling because of their pregnancy scare and this is where they decide to stop having sex until they are married. Eric and Donna go through all the premarital events like wedding shopping and even Eric destroying Donna's wedding dress.

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As the day approaches, Eric begins to have second thoughts after a dream he has. When it was time for the wedding rehearsal, Eric was a no show only to leave Donna in anger. In the beginning of the series, Red vehemently opposes Eric's attempts to get a job during the second season citing that it would interfere with his schoolwork and make it harder for him to get into a good college located far away.

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Kitty supports Red by saying Eric's job is being her "precious little baby boy. Kitty costs him a potential job at a bank for the same reason.

Red and Kitty even go so far as to revoke their offer to pay for Eric's college tuition in a final act of desperation to put a stop to the wedding but are unsuccessful. In season seven, Eric is ridiculed by his father when he takes a year off from school and work to contemplate his future and enjoy being lazy.

Eric takes pleasure in the contempt Red has for this decision. Eric is usually very supportive of his friends, even though it is very rarely reciprocated. On several occasions, when the group find themselves in a predicament as the result of a prank gone awry or some other unforeseen circumstance, the rest of the group would take off, leaving Eric to absorb the brunt of the trouble, after which the group mainly Hyde would hassle and tease Eric for getting into trouble as in " Stolen Car ," " Eric Gets Suspended ," " Eric's Hot Cousin " and "Rip This Joint".

This has much to do with Eric's trusting nature and indicates that what he lacks in physical strength and courage, he more than makes up for in strength of character. Eric however, has been known to get his revenge on his backstabbing friends from time to time, such as when Kelso took the group on a " dine-and-dash " without telling them and the group eventually abandoning Donna and Eric at the restaurant.

Eric and Donna get their revenge by serving a batch of brownies which they referred to as "special" brownies. However, in this case, the "special" ingredient that Eric and Donna include is a chocolate-flavored laxative. This was a particular problem for Fez, whose girlfriend had arrived to make amends with him, just as he was running for the bathroom. At times, however, Eric's friends will come to his aid when he's truly at the end of his rope.

However, Eric is also quick to stand up for himself whenever he feels he has been wronged by his friends' actions. Eric is also quite stubborn, which has on several occasions brings bad luck to himself. For example, when Donna calls from California and when Kitty tries to tell him, Eric refuses to even listen to his mother and when he finds out the call later scolds her for not telling him.

Also, when Hyde is about to get kicked out of the Forman's house for his drug use, Eric tells Red that he also does drugs despite Donna telling him not toonly to find out that Hyde is allowed to stay. Another prime example is during his first break-up with Donna: However, he would later on acknowledge it was unfair for him to pressure Donna. Relationships[ edit ] Eric's relationship with his parents is characterized by his attempts to prove to them that he is mature and independent.

Eric's father, Red, is a notorious authoritarian and often refers to Eric as "dumbass" and "boy". He frequently threatens "to put his foot in Eric's ass". Red finds Eric lacking the qualities which he feels a grown man should possess, including physical strength, sportsmanship, and interest in manly pursuits, like hunting and fishing.

Despite the fact that Red's strict parenting often prevents intimate father-son moments, Red truly cares for his son. On rare occasions, Red displays genuine fatherly love such as in "That Wresting Show" and "Street Fighting Man", as well as when he learns that Eric is a good hunter and chose not to shoot a deer because he didn't want to.

Oddly, Eric is, in many ways, a younger version of his father.

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Both display a dry sense of humor and tend to be the sanest people in their circle of friends. Eric's mother, Kitty, typically supports Eric against the wishes of her husband and she often scolds Red for being too hard on him.

that 70s show relationship timeline marriage

However, she also does not consider Eric to be a man and often refers to him as her "precious little baby boy.

At times, Kitty's love for Eric borders on Hitchcockian. His mother is often insecure about being replaced by Donna as the woman in Eric's life. Their rivalry is played up in many episodes often comically, but sometimes to the point of it being problematic. In theory, she's okay with a sexual relationship between Donna and Eric even pressing the two to discuss it with her ; however, in reality, she goes into a depression after learning that Eric and Donna had sex and considers Donna a harlot who has stolen her baby boy away from her.

Eric reassured Kitty that he would always need her because, "[Red]'s going to be riding [his] ass for the rest of [his] life".

that 70s show relationship timeline marriage

When Eric tells his parents about his plan to spend a year teaching in Africa, his mother is less than thrilled. This is most notably and comically presented when, the morning after his announcement, Kitty fixes everyone at the breakfast table a smiley-face breakfast with eggs and bacon and then hands Eric a plain pancake and says, "nothing smiling up at you, nothing". Even with a couple of days before his departure, Kitty reveals that she hid mailed notifications that Eric must receive certain vaccinations before he can leave.

Eric protests his mom's actions but she still tries to dissuade him, stating that the needles used for the vaccinations are "as big as sausages" and "will hurt a lot. This annoys Eric because he believes that surprise parties are for kids, which indicates that Kitty won't accept the fact that he is becoming a man.

However, throughout the episode "Magic Bus," Eric expects Kitty to throw him a surprise party even though she and the gang constantly tell him that there is no surprise party. He becomes upset when he realizes that his mother is telling the truth.

As mentioned in the previous entry, the show should not have gone on for eight seasons. After Eric leaves for Africa in the season 7 finale, it seemed that there was no other means for the show to develop. In the end, the only thing fans of the show got out of this was a character whose interactions with Donna seemed more forced and unnecessary than they needed to be.

When an event like that sends Red Forman to the emergency room, you would think that it would be constantly mentioned until the series' conclusion. Are they still together or are they divorced? After so many people got injured and arrested there, you would think the water tower would have been closed off or at least renovated.

Furthermore, even if the many falls may have affected his intelligence, it does not make sense that Kelso survived so many without suffering serious injuries.