Treehouse of horror 2014 ending relationship

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treehouse of horror 2014 ending relationship

"If Only I Had a Brain" from Treehouse of Horror II, October 31, is a reference to his inside-out form from the end of Treehouse of Horror V. Homer prepares to appear nice in the photo while Homer is busy drinking a beer. The Wreck of the Relationship • Super Franchise Me • Treehouse of Horror XXV. For the continuation series of Halloween specials, see Treehouse of Horror Series. "Treehouse of Horror XXV" is the fourth episode of Season 26, and it is the 25th annual October 31, (Iceland) . The Wreck of the Relationship • Super Franchise Me • Treehouse of Horror XXV Episodes with alternate end credits. With a disappointing ending that didn't boost my thoughts of the movie. If you are looking for horror, certainly don't watch this movie. I suppose at most you could.

Then the boys going riding on a motocross bike. Then walk thru the forest and try to reach friends on a 2 way radio. There was a part where they really point out a bear trap.

When good TV goes bad: how The Simpsons ended up gorging on itself

Then bear trap was barely used later. When the reach the tree house it is very high up.

treehouse of horror 2014 ending relationship

Find the girl who was looking for her little bob brother and the big brother attempts to go get help and is never seen from again I mean seriously, you just gonna sit there and die? There is also the assumption there was some kind of creatures when the 2 were in the tree house, but those so called creatures I guess magically turn into boys I mean who writes this crap? The ending was my favorite part totally sarcastic.

The move was barely OK up until this part, then the script and acting goes horribly south and really screws up the entire horrible movie making it much worse than it was ever intended. Oh it was awesome, they ran in the road some sheriff almost hits them. But instead swerves and hits the mountain. Blood slatterns and you know he is dead. Cmon writers, this is bad, just bad. Well to take a lil break from all that alien popping, figured I would recap last weeks New Simpsons Episode: Treehouse of Horror XXV.

Halloween is my favorite time of year.

Episode Recap: Treehouse of Horror XXV

I can dress up, stuff my face with sweets, torture other people just for fun, scare and frighten people just for fun…and all this before I even leave the basement. Bart is in the usual Detention at school. Seems he has been a busy boy. There is no hope for Bart, as Skinner points out where he will end up. Him made him say WHAT??!! Bart is bored and starts playing round the desks and finds strange writing on one of them.

Lisa uses her app to find out what the rune said. A portal opens up and an arm reaches out and snatches the two kids. They end up…in Hell of course. Lisa not so much. The Hell School is quite amusing. You even see another version of the Donut Torture Device in one of the rooms. The Mean Girls try to taunt n tease Lisa, but she stands up for herself right away…so they ask her to hang out…as it snows. A cold day in hell when Lisa finally becomes popular. He even has a crush on his teacher, which is OK in Hell.

His teacher is really impressed with his evil ideas of torture. But Lisa just wants to go home. Back home Bart begs Homer and Marge to let him return.

The Simpsons "Treehouse Of Horror XXV" Ending Credits (2014)

It is the ONLY time he has been really good at school. Homer worries the cost…but it is FREE. So back down to Hell Bart goes.

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He assures them that Bart will be nurtured appropriately for his talents. He is a straight A student. Homer is proud of him. Bart excels in all of his diabolical subjects including torture, destruction, and making sure that Major League Baseball rules ensure the unending dominance of the New York Yankees and asks his parents if he can study there permanently.

For his final test, he must torture Homer ; despite Bart's hesitation, Homer lets him. A disfigured Homer proudly watches Bart graduate from Hell school as valedictorian. Homer falls for a girl Marge who convinces him to quit and the gang falls apart.

Years later, Moe is attacked at home in a style similar to his gang's former ways and asks Homer to bring the gang back together; Lenny and Carl who have become police officers join them.

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They attack an Eyes Wide Shut -style masked orgy and several other of Stanley Kubrick 's films are parodied in a fight sequence.

As Moe gets beaten by two party guests, he narrates that he was "Beaten, bruised" and "couldn't score at an orgy" but was happy to be back with his old gang. Kubrick is then shown in an editing room and asks for the entire film to be re-shot. After a ghost attacks him in his sleep, Homer summons the ghosts, who turn out to be the family's former selves from The Tracey Ullman Show.

Homer is attracted to the ghost Marge who prefers him to the former grumpy Homer, so the jealous living Marge kills herself to become a ghost by putting her head in the oven.

treehouse of horror 2014 ending relationship