Turkey australia relationship

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turkey australia relationship

Australia's trade and investment relationship with Turkey (b). Australian merchandise trade with Turkey, (A$m). Total share. Rank. Growth (yoy). Exports to. The 90th anniversary of the Anzac landing at Gallipoli is a good time to reflect on the special relationship between Australia and Turkey, which. Australia–Turkey relations are foreign relations between the Commonwealth of Australia and the Republic of Turkey. Diplomatic relations between the two.

The program resulted in an increase of the Turkey-born population in Australia from 1, at the Census to 11, in The Census showed that 66, Australian residents claimed Turkish ancestry, with 32, having been born in Turkey.

Sister city agreements between cities in the two countries offer another opportunity to help boost ties between the two peoples. Both Australia and Turkey regard the Gallipoli landings as an event of particular significance in their modern histories.

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Every year a large number of Australian and Turkish citizens attend commemorative services at Gallipoli. Over 4, visitors attended the 98th Anniversary Commemorative Services in Bilateral Agreements An agreement on the residence and employment of Turkish citizens in Australia was signed in An Agreement on Economic Co-operation was signed in An Extradition Treaty entered into force in A Defence Framework Agreement was signed in August In SeptemberAustralia and Turkey signed an arrangement on cooperation in the fields of animal health and biosecurity.

turkey australia relationship

In achieving 13 per cent of the vote in June, it cleared the 10 per cent electoral hurdle to claim 80 seats in parliament. This gave Turkey's Kurdish population a voice in parliament for the first time through party representation, rather than independents.

turkey australia relationship

The HDP suffered a drop in support at the November elections but still cleared the 10 per cent threshold to retain parliamentary representation. This followed a decision of the Parliament in May to remove immunity from prosecution from MPs. Nihat Zeybekci is Turkey's Minister of Economy. Most recently, the TAK claimed responsibility for a 10 December attack in Istanbul that left at least 44 people dead.

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No end appears in sight to the three-decades long conflict. Separately, Turkey has also recently endured serious terrorist attacks attributed to Daesh. In one of the worst attacks in Turkey's history, on 10 October, explosions outside Ankara's main railway station killed over during a peace demonstration involving left-wing and Kurdish groups.

The Turkish government blamed both attacks on Daesh-linked suicide bombers.

turkey australia relationship

On 12 Januarynine German tourists were killed in a suicide attack in Istanbul's Sultanahmet square. On 28 June more than 40 people were killed during an attack on Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul.

turkey australia relationship

Both these attacks have been blamed on Daesh. On the evening of 15 July, an element of the Turkish armed forces mounted a failed military coup that resulted in the death of and at least 1, injured, including 24 deaths of people linked to the plot. Since the coup attempt, some 40, people have been detained, including including 3, judges and prosecutors.

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Overpublic officials have been suspended or dismissed in relation to the coup attempt, including more than 3, judges and prosecutors. More than media outlets have been closed down, and many journalists detained.

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More than educational institutions have been closed. A State of Emergency, which greatly enhanced the powers of Turkish authorities, was declared on 21 July Foreign Policy Traditionally, Turkey's foreign relations have been structured around the NATO alliance, its geo-strategic position and cultural and historical ties.

The United States is a key foreign policy and security partner for Turkey.

turkey australia relationship

In recent years Turkey has sought to enhance relations with a more diverse range of countries, including other emerging economies, countries in its immediate region, and African countries.

The situation in Syria is a major preoccupation for Turkey, which is a member of the anti-Daesh coalition. Turkey is currently hosting almost 3 million refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria and Iraq.

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Turkey's membership of NATO is an important foundation of its national security strategy. It maintains close relations with a number of European countries, many of which are major trade partners and sources of foreign investment.

It has made a major contribution to training of Afghan security personnel, and maintains a substantial troop presence in Afghanistan. Turkey is committed to encouraging the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan to cooperate more closely and sponsors a regular trilateral dialogue process. Turkey is a member of the anti-Daesh coalition, and maintains a keen interest in Iraq and Syria, particularly the northern areas of these countries, for security, ethnic, religious and historical reasons.

In late AugustTurkey deployed military forces into northern Syria Operation Euphrates Shield ; it also maintains a military presence in northern Iraq. Turkey has stated that one of its major priorities in Syria is preventing the establishment of a contiguous territory in northern Syria controlled by the Syrian-Kurdish Democratic Union Party PYD.

Turkey regards Cyprus as an important national security issue and maintains a military presence in northern Cyprus.