Understanding relationship dynamics

Relationship Dynamics - Know Your Role

understanding relationship dynamics

Understanding two basic concepts, the nature of vibration and the chakra system allows a quick and simple way to understand relationship dynamics, and why. And this failure to understand the dynamics underlying our relationships often makes it more difficult for people to resolve conflict and move beyond their current. Understanding Relationship dynamics and the roller coaster of emotions by identifying the core causes of drama behavior as illusions in the mind.

understanding relationship dynamics

One of the fundamental things that will keep you in a poor relationship facilitating a dodgy dynamic is resistance. You might be resisting letting go.

understanding relationship dynamics

You might be resisting accepting the reality of who he is or your relationship. You might be resisting making a decision. You might be doing all of these things and more.

understanding relationship dynamics

Resistance creates the struggle in the relationship and ends up making you complicit in their behaviour. One woman told me that because she resisted accepting the reality of the relationship and the pain of his lies, it just opened her up to more lies and deceit because he knew that he could get away with being a liar because her desire to believe was greater than her desire to accept the truth, take action, and live a better real life elsewhere.

What I do know is that you both know that there is a pattern to your relationship and I bet if you sit down and think about all of the discussions, ultimatums, break ups, make up sex, nights waiting by the phone etc, there is a consistent pattern.

What Is A Relationship Dynamic? | Understanding Relationship Dynamics

I had a friend who I could plot her relationship like clockwork. In fact, the dynamic no longer exists because she has moved on. A reader said to me recently that when she broke down it was because she thought that the last argument she had with her guy was the usual thing.

The Four Attachment Styles of Love

Look at the things that frustrate you about your relationship — how do you facilitate it? This sends mixed messages to men. Should a man pursue a woman, even if she initially seems indifferent? Should a man always be expected to pay for dates, even if their dates earn more money?

Managing expectations throughout the dating process can be difficult. As a result, some men take an extremely casual approach to dating.


Old notions of romance no longer seem relevant today. So where do men and women fit into the dynamics of a modern-day relationship? Traditionally, the man has been the one in a better economic position, and assumed the role of protector and provider in a relationship.

However, especially among millennials, many women are more educated, more affluent and have better jobs than their male counterparts, making the traditional power dynamic obsolete. But men are not alone in this challenge.

Women are also grappling with expectations. They want to pursue career interests before settling down, but they also want to have romance in their lives.

Do you understand the dynamics of your relationship?

They tend to exercise more power in relationships and can sometimes be assertive and even a little demanding, which can be a huge turnoff for men derive sexual attraction from feeling powerful and needed. While women are stepping into their masculine energy to advance in their careers, men are falling into their feminine energy to make sense of their own self-worth.

understanding relationship dynamics

Attitudes toward intimacy have changed. Our sex lives have no doubt evolved as well. There are big differences between men and women when it comes to sex within the context of a relationship—we experience it and respond to it differently. Many women now enjoy casual sex outside the bounds of a relationship. As for men, they are more likely to connect with a woman emotionally through the act of sex, while women require emotional intimacy first before they feel safe enough to truly connect through sex.

understanding relationship dynamics