Valkyrie chronicles 3 imca ending relationship

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valkyrie chronicles 3 imca ending relationship

Doing the Dirty Work again: Valkyria Chronicles 3 Extra Edition (VLP) This also gives her a better potential instead of her previous, turn-ending one. and you get a bonus based off character relationships and potentials. . I imagine that mood swings and hallucinations aren't Imca's thing, so she. The following article contains significant spoilers and/or ending details of At the beginning of Valkyria Chronicles 3: Unrecorded Chronicles, Imca is the . Kurt, however, was there again to support her, and the pair's relationship turned into a . The following is a list of major characters of the Sega role-playing video game series Valkyria .. Avan makes some appearances in Valkyria Chronicles III and is an His goal is to become a hero and to end the persecution aimed toward the . Imca later appears in the crossover title Project X Zone as a playable solo unit.

His favored classes are Engineer and Sniper. In-story, he is also pretty knowledgable about healing herbs. Occasionally seen together with Felix and Giulio in side chapters. To Kurt following getting over his Death Seeker tendency. Even after the war has ended and following Nameless' disbandment, he still considers Kurt as his commanding officer.

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Your Days Are Numbered: This colors his perspective in life. A nurse sent to the Nameless for allowing a captured Imperial soldier wounded in combat to go free. Engineer starting classArmored Tech Ascended Extra: Eventually becomes a mother of one child. Even part of her Personal Potentials.

With Felix, if her Fragment and Riela's ending say anything. A very kind nurse with pink hair. With the Imperial soldier she helped to escape. She is eventually reunited with him, though.

A Darcsen who was thrown into Nameless simply due to his heritage. Armored Tech starting classSniper Cold Sniper: His favored classes are Armored Tech and Sniper. He's an extremely cold person due to a certain tragedy in his life. The tragedy that made him the cold man with a bleak outlook in life.

Only towards Amy, and to a lesser extent, Valerie.

valkyrie chronicles 3 imca ending relationship

The kind of people that believe that it will rain later today, even if it's as bright as a sunny day can be. Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: While not necessarily huge, Deit towers over most of his squadmates, and it really shows when he appears together with Amy.

The very reason he became "Number 56". He believes that all happens by the whims of fate, which are completely beyond human interference. He's endlessly depressed because of this. Considering that he 1 suffer from Darcssen persecutions all his life, 2 have a dead little sister, 3 is a Nameless, you can't blame him for this kind of mentality. Starting a battle in which he's a commander "Fate has sent me to yet another battle Amy is the only person whom he gave his name to.

Even following Nameless' disbandment, he refuses to tell Kurt his name. While Amy is one for his deceased sister, he is this for Amy's father. Screw This, I'm Outta Here! Attempted to desert just to see his sister, only for Amy to caught wind of this and proceeded with Kurt delivering news of his sister's death later.

After the war ended, although he eventually sticks with Valerie to help her research. You Gotta Have Blue Hair: A Darcsen racial trait. A former general of Fhirald the same nation Radi Jaeger of VC1 came frombut became a mercenary after it was taken by the Empire. Found a job with the Gallian Army, but his drinking habits got him into trouble. Shocktrooper starting classFencer The Alcoholic: Which ended him up becoming "Number He understandably gets upset when he sees any Imperial soldier.

He loves battle, and it shows. Potential triggered "I live in the battlefield! He absolutely hates Jaeger, and will produce a long list of outdated invectives if that person somehow become the topic of the conversation. According to him, he and Jaeger hailed from the same village, and Jaeger betrayed all their shared idealism by working for the Empire, which conquered their homeland. Whether this is a true account or just the rambling of a senile and alcoholic old soldier is up for debates.

An immigrant from a distant realm in the east, with a Gallian mother and a far-eastern father. Using his native homeland's customs, he swore fealty to Princess Cordelia alone, and would not obey orders from the Militia, which is what brought him into the ranks of the Nameless. Scout starting classFencer Bungled Suicide as Comedy: At the end of his story, after some enlightenment from Serge that a commander's words equal to one's master's words in Shin's homeland, he views himself as a failure and proceeds to attempt seppuku, freaking the entire Nameless out.

Fish out of Water: His unfamiliarity with Gallian customs brought much trouble to him. Katanas Are Just Better: He is executed by Maximilian before he can finish his speech.

valkyrie chronicles 3 imca ending relationship

Born and raised in the southern Gallian town of Mellvere, Avan lived a fairly typical life working and attending high school. As a child, he looked up to his older brother Leon, who had excelled as a member of the nation's militia forces.

However, the sudden news of Leon's death in December ignites his passion, after which he enrolls at Lanseal and is assigned to Class G. After his graduation, Avan travels throughout Gallia, helping to restore towns that were destroyed during the war.

Her bright countenance and earnest effort set the mood for those around her, but her occasional clumsiness can end up making trouble for herself and others.

While eager to help, Cosette is unprepared for the cruel realities of war and further hampered by past trauma. After witnessing the death of her parents, Cosette suffers from color blindness and a severe fear of blood, though she eventually overcomes her fear thanks to Avan. When she graduates, Cosette enters medical school with a full scholarship.

After enrollment he was assigned duty as an assault trooper. His meticulously maintained uniform is offset by a bandanna tied to its left sleeve, the pattern woven into it marking his Darcsen heritage. His goal is to become a hero and to end the persecution aimed toward the Darcsen people. During Juliana's last moments, Zeri gives hints that he might have romantic feelings for her. After graduating, he joins the Gallian Army and becomes a lieutenant, earning respect from his peers.

Following in her sister's footsteps, Anisette aims to become a famous "Super Idol," studying song and dance in her spare time. Compared to her sister, she is very talented in singing but lacks physical stamina. Having received top-class private education and inclusion in programs for gifted children, Juliana's entrance into Lanseal was a natural result. As class representative of the elite Class A, her prideful nature quickly makes her and those under her wing rivals for those in Class G, especially Zeri because he is a Darcsen.

She views the soldiers under her command strictly as pawns who, without her guidance, would be useless according to her.

However, after losing to Class G in the Laevatien Cup finals, Juliana learns to place trusts in her friends and comrades. She and Leon were part of a secret experiment of the academy called Project Vahalla where they were transformed into artificial Valkyrur. When Lanseal is attacked by the rebels, Juliana unleashes her powers to defend the academy, but she is severely wounded by Dirk.

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She makes amends with Zeri, giving hints that she had fallen in love with him. She then gives him her bracelet as a good-luck charm before dying in his arms. His family has been a part of Gallia's military for generations, and high expectations were placed on him to also ascend to a high office.

valkyrie chronicles 3 imca ending relationship

However, an accident wounded his arm, preventing him from continuing on that path. Despite this, Kluivert continued to apply his military skills as a Gallian Army staff officer for many years, eventually leading to his selection as head of Lanseal. In order to gain power to defend Gallia, Kluivert brought Foerster to the academy and together they formed Project Vahalla, providing her with students that were adequate enough to undergo her experiments and become Valkyrur.

After Dirk stole all of the project's data, Kluivert's secrets are exposed to Avan and Hubert. Feeling that Lanseal had lost the war, he locks himself up alone in one of the laboratories and commits suicide by shooting himself. Hubert Brixham Voiced by: Formerly a notable soldier, Hubert was forced to quit his position after a battlefield injury led to a severe eye infection. Afterwards he became an instructor at Lanseal Academy and currently teaches the students of Class G.

His manner of speech often evokes a cold and strict nature. However, he truly cares for his students and wishes for all of them to do their best in both school and battle. When his students receive orders to enter combat, Hubert takes on the role of Class G Squad's commanding officer.

He also serves as the narrator for the game. After defeating the rebels, Hubert rebuilds Lanseal and continues to work as a professor, denying the occupation of its headmaster.

Possessing a deep knowledge of the Valkyrur, she's made a name for herself in regard to research on artificial Valkyria. Her presence at the Academy initially is a mystery to the cast. She acts as a sort of foster parent to Aliasse, but treats her strictly as a weapon and holds no true feelings of compassion to her. Her goal is to perfect the recreation of the power of the Valkyria, even at the expense of human life. It is likely that she used to work for the Empire and it is hinted that Selvaria Bles from the first game also made part of her research.

Clementia made a short appearance in the anime adaptation of Valkyria Chronicles, but was not featured in the first game.

valkyrie chronicles 3 imca ending relationship

However, she returns in Valkyria Chronicles III, and upon meeting Riela, she realizes that she is a Valkyria and provides her lance and shield, hoping that she eventually confronts Selvaria as part of her research. In battle, she appears to adopt a playful, yet psychotic personality, reveling in destruction. She considers Clementia Foerster to be her mother, calling her "Mama". After spending some time with Avan and his friends, she grows fond of them and refuses to leave their side when Clementia decided to move from the academy and joins Class G as a scout instead.

After graduating, Aliasse lives with Cosette and attends a horticultural school to learn to grow flowers. Satomi Satou Lavinia Lane is the year-old tank pilot of Lanseal.

In her post-game story mission, it is revealed that she was once defeated by the Ghost Tank, a legendary rebel tank that barely anyone survives an encounter with.

Imca (VC3)

However, Avan's brother Leon, who was at the academy at that time, told her to build a better tank, try again and not give up hope. With the help of Class G, she finally stares down her demons and defeats the Ghost Tank. She cries tears of joy at this victory and also hints that she had fallen in love with Leon. After this, she earns the Tank Mastery potential and when it is activated, she says, "A dozen Ghost Tanks couldn't stop me!

With the Regular Army still recuperating from the failed Imperial invasion two years before and the Militia disbanded, the cadets from Landseal Academy, most notably Class G, are usually summoned to fight them. In society he holds the title of Count and heads the noble Gassenarl family. However, Gilbert is killed shortly after taking the throne as the Archduke by Baldren, who disagreed with his plans to have Gallia allying itself with the Atlantic Federation as well as ending the Darcsen purge.

To recreate Gallia in what he believes is a purer light, he operates with cool efficiency in the expulsion of Darcsens while refusing to lose the sovereignty of Gallia to the Atlantic Federation but rescinded on when he realized the battle was lost. He makes his last stand after an attempt to escape to Federation territory failed.

Using the stolen data from Lanseal, Baldren transforms himself into a Valkyria to fight Class G, but is soundly defeated. With his dying breath, he mocks them that they would have a hard time defending Gallia with their own hands. Baldren then dies as his ship is destroyed. During her service in the Gallian Army, Imperial soldiers fearfully gave her the alias "Battle Maiden of the Iron Horse," given her knowledge of armored warfare.

It proves essential in her assuming command of the GRA's mechanized units, leading the battle from her personal steed, the Geirolul. She is killed in combat against the Academy forces at Anthold when the aqueduct was destroyed, causing her tank to be washed away and destroyed shortly after.