Wizardess heart yukiya ending a relationship

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wizardess heart yukiya ending a relationship

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They gradually grow close, and one day, Eress comes into the picture. Joel and Eress have a cat-dog relationship and are constantly bickering with each other. Liz also experiences more waves of nostalgia while being with Joel. She starts to remember someone from her childhood named June, a beautiful girl with similar features to Joel. June was from the same region Joel was, where all of the spellsingers originate from.

Joel accidentally picked a flower from the Fairy Garden, a sacred place where no humans should ever dwell in. As a result of the flower being plucked, Eress has disappeared from the world of Fairies, and the King is upset. As a result, Joel lost his magic, which explains the central problem in the story. Joel and Liz try to fix the problem and go to the King to explain themselves and return the flower. Fortunately, after sensing their honesty, the King accepts their apology.

King Oberon likes Joel, so then he appoints him as the new overseer of the Fairy Garden. His job is to make sure that nobody wanders into the Fairy Garden, and thus, he gets access to the Fairy Realm. They can visit Eress and Oberon whenever they want to! Liz also realizes that the person from her dreams and memories, June, is actually Joel. Liz feels horrible for forgetting him, but realizes Joel must have been in pain for a long time, too. Joel has always been in love with her and knew that one day, they would reunite and keep the promise they made when they were children.

I played the Happy Ending, so Liz gets accepted as an official student and gets together with Joel finally! Trust me, I screamed at that part. Immediately after you open the game the prologue will start showing.

The point of this game is the mystery so don't read if you want to reveal everything yourself. The story starts with a tale which shows how the country came to be. The Dragon of Time and the First King met and became good friends after that The Dragon showed his friend the land of Gedonelune and made him king afer that the dragon turned into stone to protect the land forever.

Drowned by sorrow the king putted the Dragon in the tower of Sorrow and called the Three great mages to protect it. After that the story starts with our heroine a young girl who lives in a small village alone because her parent died years ago.

She is a wizardess and has a special ability to speak with animals.

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At the village she works as a veterinary using magic to heal animals but for some reason every time she uses her magic on something else a mess in made. Her dream is to enter Gedonelune magical school and become a tamer same as her idolized mage Serge Durandal who disappeared 5 years ago.

A letter comes into her house and she is invited to go to the school to pass a trial and become a student. After finishing the prologue a boy must be chosen to progress with the story.

As I said the main focus of this game is mystery and there are currently three cases to solve each of these cases has three boys to chose from except the third case which has a character unrevealed yet.

Another focus of the story is the "Buddy System" when you chose a boy he becomes your buddy.

wizardess heart yukiya ending a relationship

According to the headmaster's words Buddies share the same fate meaning same grades too. During the story there will be choices to make and depending on your answer you at the end you can get The Good ending,The Normal ending or The Sad ending. Now I'll start with the boys.

Walkthrough – Wizardess Heart – Yukiya Sequel

Except her no one could her this song. The song is very beautiful and mysterious but what does it lead to? The first character in this case is Elias Goldstein. Elias is your typical tsundere.

He comes from a great and famous family.

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Elias is at the top of the class but he isn't a talented mage he has always been in the shadows of his talented older brothers and his dad so he always felt inferior and relied on the book and on hardwork. Despite his hardwork his magic had no imagination at all which made the professors disappointed.

Elias is very rude at first but he is just shy and blushes really easily. His route got to be the purest and weirdest route I've ever played.

wizardess heart yukiya ending a relationship

In his route we had talking letters,talking book, flying fluffly pink animals and the best of all he even turned into a pig once. In his route the heroine is kidnapped by one of the teachers after he leart she could her that strange song. The profesor wanted the heroine to use the song to guide them to the Tower of Sorrow because he wanted to get the power hidden in there not knowing this power didn't exist and that Puca was manipulating him.

I really liked Elias story because of his development and because he got out of his brothers shadows and became a person of his own able to even sacrifice himself for the heroine no he didn't die.

The second character is Luca Orlem.

Shall we date ? - Wizardess Heart + - Yukiya Reizen Happy Ending

Luca is the delinquent type he is older than the heroine but is still in the same class as her because he's been repeating a few years. Luca is always playing tricks on the heroine and lying to her. Furthermore he always skip classes making it harder for the heroine because Buddies are considered as one and when Luca misses a class the Heroine gets scolded too. Luca goes into the east Forest a forbidden place the place where the Tower of sorrow is for unknown reasons.

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This gets him into detentions many times. The heroine could not leave him alone so many times she tries to find out why Luca does that. Luca finally tells her that he has been kept into a tower for many years and he want to know why he was born for that reason he needs the Dragon's eye found in the Tower of sorrow that shows the past. To get into the tower he needs her help because to get there you must be able to hear a special song which she can hear.

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Personally I didn't like Luca very much because he always lied to the heroine but he changed into the end and found out who he really was thanks to her. The third person is Yukiya Reizen. Yukiya is the mysterious kuudere type.

He is always seen with a wolf by his side and has an eye patch in his left eye because he's cursed. No on knows anything concrete about his curse but a lot of rumors went around making the other students afraid of him.

wizardess heart yukiya ending a relationship

During his first meeting with the heroine I face palmed. The heroine got lost and walked around hoping to find the way when she saw a boy Yukiya having his face really close to the lake she though she was going to drown himself so she rushed to to help him and made them both soaking wet.

Then she learned he was just looking at the fish. He takes her to the dorm and then leaves when they meet the other day in class he doesn't even remember the heroine Like she soaked you dude how could you forget her?! At first even though they became buddies he was acting really cold to her. When she asked him if he could her the song he acted surprised and then told her that no matter what she shouldn't tell Luca she could hear the song. After that he still keeps a cold attitude but soon opens up to her.

One day Luca meets these two while they were going to class and for some reason tells Yukiya that he's like a dog. This makes Yukiya snap and almost hit Luca. Then during a night the heroine notices Yukiya from the balcony of her room and goes after him to see him going into the East Forest.

There Yukiya meets a beautiful red haired woman. The heroine thought it was his girlfriend and becomes sad. A while later Yukiya stops coming to clases and Elias tells the heroine that Yukiya is sick. During this time Luca learns she can hear the song and takes her with him during the night so she can lead the way.

During this they meet Yukiya in the forest and when the heroine gets close to him this happens. Yukiya turns into a beast and attack Luca. After this the heroine learns the red haired beauty is a magican that want to help Yukiya get freed from his curse.

Which is a contract he made with the wolf standing close to him to get magical powers. The heroine makes a contract with another magical being to help Yukiya and his is somewhat freed from the curse but the Wolf still stays around him. The heroine get close to the wolf and they start calling him "Wolfy". I really liked Yukiya he was so sweet and caring. The second case "The spring of unicorns". In this case during the trip in the train the heroine sees a strange dream of a bloody red spring.

What could that dream mean? The first guy for this case is Klaus Goldstein. Well as you may have realised Klaus is Elias older brother.

He is a very serious and talented person and on top of that he is a sadist: Klaus is the school prefect meaning he is like a student Representative. He is mean to the heroine and after they become buddies he makes her help him everyday and then makes her train till she has no power.

He calls her bunnyhead and admits he likes her hairstyle when she ask if she should change it. After training her for a while Klaus to make her learn beter took her to the school green house. Klaus was so focused on teaching her and she was so focused on hearing him they forgot about the time on got stuck in the green house: