Words to describe relationship with god

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words to describe relationship with god

God loves us and wants us to have a personal relationship with Him. God loves us You may find it helpful to express your new faith in words similar to these. How would you describe your relationship with God? . gloried in hardship, and although I'm no apostle paul, I do find that his words are true. If you were to use one word to describe your relationship with God, Do any of these adequately portray your relationship to spiritual things? 1.

Also keep in mind that that the one having coffee across from you, the king of the entire universe who brought it all about by the sheer power of his very word, shed his blood on the cross for you. He is the Word of God, the power and force that called the very world into existence. Having said that, I admit that the phrase has some value and conveys in a simple way one of the great truths of the Gospel - that former rebels, sinful prodigals like you and me, are given access to the Holy of Holies.

words to describe relationship with god

We are personally allowed to enter into his presence without fear and talk to God like a father. It truly is a relationship. It involves relating, talking, asking for things, worshipping, sharing space and time together. God opens himself up to us and enables us to know his character, his methods, his humor, even. And, as one grows in faith over a lifetime, one gets to know God better.

Still, personal relationship conveys a sense of immediacy and intimacy that can take time to develop. When people hear personal relationship, they think Facebook friends, texting, and coffee. Remember - this is a culture that thinks sex is not necessarily a part of a personal relationship.

It considers sex to be casual. Nothing could be less casual than sex. The culture is confused about the very nature of personal intimacy and relationship. Intimacy and immediacy with God can happen, but not easily and not immediately. Usually, a person experiences a kind of emotional high initially upon putting faith in Jesus, but relationship really only happens after lots and lots of prayer and worship.

"Personal relationship with God?" Let's use better language

Relationships take time to develop. Only the pure in heart see God.

words to describe relationship with god

Faith comes first - not feeling. Experience with God comes as one follows his leading.

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And like any relationship it simply takes time. There are other questions I would consider as well. Do you understand that sin is considered rebellion against God and it alienates us from God?

Does it make sense that Jesus, the Son of God, has given up his life to pay the price for our rebellion, so that we can enter into covenant with God? Do you understand that God calls us into a life of obedience to his commands, especially the command to love our neighbor? God sends his Spirit to be alive in us and lead us towards the life he has for us. Do you pray and read the Bible? You may just be using different language. What are your thoughts?

What's one word that you'd use to describe your relationship with God?

Have you been disappointed by this phrase? Or have you, perhaps, found the phrase useful?

words to describe relationship with god

Please look forward to an exploration of the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit and what the Bible actually teaches about how the Spirit communicates the presence and leading of God to us. Does it describe yours? Moses commanded the Israelites: Some years ago one of our members shared an anecdote with me, which demonstrates this.

This person was at work and during a lunch break she and her co-workers were discussing a social issue of the day.

words to describe relationship with god

Such instruction is to begin in the home, Moses says, but it does not end there. But notice that Moses speaks not only of location, but also of timing. He says teach that word when you lie down—in other words at night, and when you rise up—in the morning. During the final weeks of this past school year I covered the topic of human sexuality and marriage in my Religion Class here at Immanuel Lutheran School.

I asked the students to prepare a final essay in which they were to lay out the biblical foundation for sexuality and marriage and prepare a response to those challenges. Why have them do that? These young people need to know how to respond both to the temptations they will face, but also they need to be in a position to help others know in a positive way what the good and gracious will of God is in these very practical areas of life.

As you trace the history of Old Testament Israel, whether during the times of Joshua and the Judges, or during the times of the United and Divided Kingdoms, you will find that what Moses promised did indeed come true. When Israel was faithful to their God and kept His commandments and worshipped Him with sincerity, God stood by them and blessed them in every possible way.

Unfortunately, when they did not do so, that blessing was withdrawn from them. Consider just a few.

words to describe relationship with god

Moses concludes the words of our text by telling Israel: Either you are for Christ or against Christ; either you confess Christ or deny Christ! That is what Joshua was acknowledging when he challenged Israel in his day and said to them: Notice two things about both the words of Moses and those of Joshua.

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First of all, your relationships with God and His Word are absolutely essential! Those relationships touch everything in your life and will ultimately determine both the course of your present life in this world and the possibility of everlasting life in the next. You will be blessed! If, on the other hand, you choose to reject God and turn away from His Word, then you are in reality embracing a false god.