Yannis philippakis relationship

Who is Yannis Philippakis dating? Yannis Philippakis girlfriend, wife

yannis philippakis relationship

Yannis Philippakis (born 23 April ) is the lead singer and guitarist of the British indie rock band Foals. Contents. 1 Early life; 2 Education; 3 Career. Foals frontman Yannis Philippakis has said he hasn't had a girlfriend for a long time - because he finds it hard to connect with people. It's no surprise then that lead singer Yannis Philippakis would see In the accompanying film featuring Yannis Philippakis and his band Foals, we .. meet the challenge of retaining staff and shaping employee relationships.

yannis philippakis relationship

I think a little bit of shoplifting now and again is not a bad thing — like stealing the occasional Twizzler from WH Smith. I used to get into trouble.

Yannis Philippakis of Foals: ‘There’s something feral in me’

On the subject of shooting, Yannis owns an air rifle and jokes that he uses it to "shoot the neighbours". Despite their urban appearance, clad in uniform black drainpipe jeans and scruffy T-shirts, it turns out that Foals have quite a fondness for country pursuits.

Although most of the band is currently based in London, when they're not jetting around the globe, it's clear that they're aware that there is life outside the music industry.

yannis philippakis relationship

I like gardening, Jimmy likes cooking and fishing, and we all have quite pure, old-time leisure sides to us that I think we'll get more in touch with as we get older. I don't see myself being in my 40s and hanging around in socialite circles in the city. There's something really undignified about it. It turns my stomach. This has led to some embarrassing moments for the singer: I started getting dizzy and then I knew that I needed to vomit.

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I had to essentially vomit in front of this girl without any warning or explanation and then I had to be like 'It's all right, this happens all the time. And what's their favourite thing about Ireland? He's referring to white pudding, but Yannis collapses into laughter and Jimmy looks embarrassed.

yannis philippakis relationship

She raises an eyebrow. He is notoriously gobby, surly, or both; in one noteworthy outburst he complained about old-timers clogging up festival lineups and depriving bands like Foals of their rightful headline spot. When a security guard tried to stop him once, they had a punch-up.

To put it another way: Philippakis is a separated-at-birth Gallagher brother — but one whose route into music included a period studying English at Oxford university.

Foals' Yannis Philippakis explains why it's so hard for Brit bands to make it big in the states

They are trying to get us out of the dressing rooms backstage and everyone else is long gone. People in other bands look really fresh in the morning.

Or play shows the way we play shows. They are not quite at Muse or Coldplay level, but they are perhaps the contender most likely to make the jump. Their fourth album, What Went Downreleased last summer, is the closest Foals have come to capturing the energy and bombast of their live performances in the studio.

It made top 10 in six countries, from the UK to Australia.

yannis philippakis relationship

More than a decade after forming — with guitar rock seeming to be in sharp decline — Foals are thriving.