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yemen american relationship

The United States has usually not had a Yemen policy—rather, its policy toward Yemen is a subset of its policy toward Saudi Arabia. This is. WASHINGTON — The United States and Britain, Saudi Arabia's biggest arms suppliers, are stepping up their pressure for a cease-fire in the. US-Yemen relations. In this December photo released by the Council on American Islamic Relations, Sacramento Valley. December 30, , pm.

The number of civilian targets that are being hit are increasing, not decreasing, and the coalition is admitting to hitting civilian targets. Mattis and Pompeo recently called for a cease-fire in Yemen.

United States–Yemen relations

Are you encouraged by what looks like a renewed effort by the administration to end the violence? I think the administration is feeling some political heat here. But again for there to be a cease-fire and a real political process the secretary of state and the secretary of defense have to really put some work into this.

yemen american relationship

When this administration refuses to have any dialogue with Iran, despite the fact that they seem to be gleefully excited about talking to North Korea, it makes it hard to solve big problems in the Middle East. It looks like the midterm elections could increase the number of Democrats in Congress. What impact would this have on the U. In a Democrat-controlled Congress, you could actually get a debate on arms sales to Saudi Arabia to the House floor.

Control of the House is really meaningful if you are trying to put a check on the president when it comes to selling Saudi Arabia the bombs they are using to kill people in Yemen.

Why and how the U.S. is involved in the conflict in Yemen

Regardless of what happens after this election, I think there is now a pretty good bipartisan coalition in the House to end U. The war, the humanitarian crisis, has gotten worse. How much leverage does the United States actually have to end the war? I think we have tremendous leverage. Saleh was assassinated in December after he double-crossed his allies, who had previously been his enemies. Despite the fact that Saleh was an altogether unsavory character, the George W. According to international organizations, the war that has engulfed the country since has killed and injured about 15, peopleabout 3 million people have been internally displaced, and more thanYemenis have become refugees in nearby countries such as Djibouti and Somalia, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

There are currently 8.

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As in so many conflicts, the hardest hit have been children, an estimated of whom die every day due to malnutrition and disease, especially cholera. The United States finds itself in the midst of this tragedy, but it is hardly an innocent bystander. Yemen has regularly been the target of U. Those operations have killed a fair number of terrorists, but there have also been plenty of mistakes that have obliterated families, maimed people attending weddings, and blown up guys in pickup trucks who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Yet, since Marchwhen Saudi Arabia entered the conflict, Washington has been a party to a new phase in the war that has brought the country to collapse. Given the scale of human suffering in Yemen, the U. Bipartisan legislation to cut off weapons sales to the Saudis was narrowly defeated in June and again in the spring ofand the U. Meanwhile, Yemenis continue to die from combat, hunger, and disease. How did we get here?

Beginning inthe Yemeni government along with the Saudis sought to destroy a militia of Zaydis, a sect within the Shiite branch of Islam, in the northern part of the country that had coalesced around the charismatic leadership of a onetime politician and religious leader, Hussein al-Houthi.

President Saleh reportedly has allowed small groups of U.

American relations with Yemen

According to press articles quoting U. According to the U. Current law as applied to counterterrorism was weak.

yemen american relationship

Article 44 of the constitution states that a Yemeni national may not be extradited to a foreign authority. Before his incarceration, Elbaneh was free in Sana'a despite his conviction for his involvement in the attack French tanker Limburg and other attacks against Yemeni oil installations. S Security Assistance Funding.

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Among this group, four men have been charged; two have been convicted in military commissions and two are charged with war crimes for participation in the September 11,terrorist attacks. According to one report, "The remaining 97 are an eclectic group of intentional unrepentant combatants and accidental warriors Yet separating the detainees into two groups and determining where different individuals fall on a spectrum of past and potential violence is a nearly impossible task.

He was returned to Yemen and subsequently released after serving the remainder of his sentence. Among those held at Guantanamo who have not been charged are the brother of the deputy commander of Al Qaeda in Yemen.

yemen american relationship