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However, the strong storyline of Zenigeba and Matsuyama's acting skills are strong pull factors for me to continue with it till the end of the season. of it, Matsuyama seems to have a pretty strong working relationship with NTV. Title: 銭ゲバ; Title (romaji): Zeni Geba; Also known as: Money Crazy; Format: Renzoku; Genre: Drama, human; Episodes: 9; Viewership rating. She never knew until the end. This prodded Aoi to think twice about their relationship. And it goes on like that, a never-ending cycle. . think Hiro looks really good, lolz) The guy next to me was exactly like Kenichi's character in Zeni Geba!.

From the ML to the forum and now to the blog version, here's hoping that this space will be a trusted source of information for all J-ent fanatics and a platform where we can come together and share our thoughts. Matsuyama Kenichi's first drama as the leading man i. Sexy Voice and Robo didn't interest me that much and I gave up on it even before the halfway mark. Critical reviews for that drama were quite divided. It's either you like it a lot or hate it to the core.

However, the strong storyline of Zenigeba and Matsuyama's acting skills are strong pull factors for me to continue with it till the end of the season. No doubt the theme may be a bit too extreme and twisted for general audiences, I think it's a pretty engaging plot. Come to think of it, Matsuyama seems to have a pretty strong working relationship with NTV.

Death Note was produced by them too and Sexy Voice and Robo was also from them. The story is focused on Gamogori Fuutarou who had a rough childhood and is now subscribed to the belief that money is the most important thing in life. His father, Kenzo Shiina Kippei is a good-for-nothing who would leave home for extended periods, only to come back for money and beat up his wife Momoko Okunuki Kaoru and son child version - Saito Ryuusei, the same boy who played Koichi in Ryuusei no Kizuna.

The scar across Fuutarou's left eye was caused by his father when Fuutarou was trying to stop the latter from taking money away. Besides being poor, his mother was also sickly and had no money for medicine. In school, Fuutarou was ridiculed for his poverty especially when he had no money to pay for the school lunches. Despite the tough challenges facing him, Fuutarou managed to stay optimistic because of his mother's presence.

However, when his mother died as a result of being unable to receive treatment, that was when Fuutarou's values changed drastically. For the sake of money, he decided to go all out without any qualms even if it meant killing people who stood in his way. From the looks of it, I get the impression that Fuutarou just wanted to make lots of money but he didn't have any specific purpose or aim that he was trying to achieve. It was only when he met Mikuni Midori Mimura again that he seemed to have a motive i.

Apparently, the two of them met by chance and Midori invited Fuutarou to her family resort. Lelouch just wants Suzaku to relax Written for the kinkmeme on LJ.

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In other words RAPE. Includes bondage, lemon and strawberries! YukiXKyo, and the names are in that order for a reason! Shounen ai, yaoi, lemon, language, specific warnings for chapters in ANs.

Fruits Basket - Rated: And now Kyo can't seem to get him off his mind. Will someone find out, and try to ruin it?

Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese Dramas I've seen

What obsticles will they endure? It was an order. To go to the supermarket, of course. And who else does he meet there but L and Light? Though the song he's listening to reminds both of them about their relationship T - English - Romance - Chapters: I couldn't resist typing this little number, so I hope you guys take the time and read it.

We've all wondered what would happen if Light was given alcohol Can anyone say YAOI! As he begins to notice them, his daydreams get more and more intense Death Note - Rated: The Scream by Nilahxapiel reviews AU. Kira had stolen everything from him; his life, his identity, his art… Hate consumed him, motivated him, drove him…and fear was his prison. But Raito is breaking free, and his rescuer is far from a knight in shining armor…Slight Yaoi.

Light would never repeat it. The renowned detective and more importantly, multi billionaire L can help this wretched situation: Rated M for adult themes, vampirism, language, abduction and more. Death Note needed a vampire story.

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Hope you like it! Their lips are so close, that L can taste the boy's breath. It isn't long before Raito will wake up; L knows this. L Poem Death Note - Rated: Light is determined to rip L's name from him, even if it means bringing him an inch away from death in the process. Some disturbing content, onesided Light x L. M - English - Horror - Chapters: Death Note Sonata reviews I'll even make you lunch.