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CR / Library / Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo / Forum / do Nah I'm not a JulioxLouise fan, I just want Louise to make Saito jealous by hanging out with Julio. If she should ever want to be in a good relationship with saito these in the form of a contract[at the beginning and ending of ep5 s3]. With their relationship no longer defined as the mighty Void mage and Side story: Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo - Yuuwaku no Sunahama . from their relationship and want them to end their s**t, it's like they hate each other even. last episode and becomes one of the central characters of Princess no Rondo. Also, her confused feelings for Saito are realized during the end of the first.

He doesn't seem to care that his actions are hurting or killing lots of people. King Joseph's stated goal is to destroy the world, causing atrocity after atrocity until he is finally capable of showing remorse over the acts he has committed.

In the first episode of season four, Saito battle two people on the roof. At the same time Colbert is teaching Tiffania the familiar spell as the gate opens to bring forth her familiar.

Saito falls off the roof and flies through the top and out the bottom of the gate having to be stop by Colbert's levitation spell in order to be safe from the impact. Saito is stop with his head in Tiffania breasts. Tiffania dubbed by Saito as "the big breasted fairy who saved my life".

They are the source of many jokes such as people wondering if they are real. In the Sleipnir Ball in the animeshe masquerades as Saito; Louise thought the one she saw was Saito, but looking a bit down, she saw a huge chest, because the magic did not seem to remove Tiffania's chest size!

You're probably not looking at the Love Bubbles surrounding her. Used to great hilarity in one episode when the gang is trapped in a cave.

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They hear something approaching fast and prepare for a fight, until Saito realizes exactly what that sound is with a priceless look on his face while the viewers get the obligatory chest shot of the approaching Siesta who's wearing the Sailor Fuku outfit Saito bought earlier.

Not to mention Kirche the Ardent. Until Tiffania's debut she was the most buxom character in the series and often does this in the first season. Siesta is nothing compared to Tiffania, who barely has to move to set her breasts bouncing around like Flubber and is often subject of Gag Boobs. In the closing theme for the third season, they shift like a waterbed while she's standing still.

The entire Ancient Dragon arc in F is anime-original. Zigzagged five years later after it's ending becomes a meta Foreshadowing to the light novel's ending. Getting Crap Past the Radar: You'd be surprise how blatant the abuse is. Give Me a Sword: Saito's first combat experience is a duel with a student mage and noble who forges him a sword on the spot. After beating Saito to a pulp. In the last episode of the second season, where Saito returns from the dead to Louise, who flies through the air into his arms.

Grail in the Garbage: Rather oddly considering they're supposed to be French-speaking, Queen Henrietta at least once clearly addresses Colbert as "Mister Colbert. They seem to use the Greek alphabet, at least in the manga. Triggering Louise's insecurities over Saito is the quickest way to recharge her willpower—willpower that allows Louise to unleash the apocalypse and manipulate the logic of reality.

End of season 1. Happens again at the end of Season 4, this time with a Mitsubishi F-2A fighter jet. Under the influence of her uncle and cousin, Siesta serves this to Saito along with the dinner in season 3 episode 6. In the novels, Louise's hair is described as strawberry-blonde, but already drawn as pink on the covers. Pink, blue, purple, white, you name it!

There are several black-haired characters, but it turns out they're all descendants of an earlier visitor from our world. Louise and Saito get married with everyone's blessing in F. The show ends with Louise using World Door to honeymoon on Earth with Saito to announce their marriage to his parents.

The light novel's ending plays similarly to F's finale with the addition of Louise and Saito having a "wedding night". Even after all the whipping and explosions Saito has suffered under Louise, he still loves her and steadfastly remains loyal and protective.

Despite this, he promises to never leave, suggesting they can now live as a regular couple. Of course, Louise, being the tsundere she is, promptly blows him up.

While Louise is the obvious winnermost of the women in the show have expressed interest in Saito at one time or another, including newcomer the quiet one Tabitha, who seals his lips with a kiss. Romalia also utilizes a different sort of hegemony over Halkagenia, a continent that consists of five independent nations Albion, Gallia, Germania, Romalia, and Tristain.

Romalia is relatively weak militarily, and it often remains neutral such as when Albion declared war on Tristainbut the Romalian Emperor, by exerting control over the church, can nonetheless override the other rulers' decisions. He Is Not My Boyfriend: Saito's quite fine with expressing his love for Louise, while she gets into a blushing fit in the same situation. Even after they get "married" in the last episode of the second season, she's still embarrassed to even think of such things.

In the last episode of season two, even as Saito's worn out and nearing his limit, he thinks of Louise and regains the will to fight an army of 70, die hard soldiers. Last episode of season two. Not that it improves his standing with Louise. And unlike most tundere types, she breaks down quite easily in confessing what she doesn't want to: That hits at the heart of what usually annoys most fans of romance: Well, that's not the case with Zero.

Louise and Saito confess early and often in Season 1 and after that, it's just more and more development, more and more physical contact that displays their feelings, and more and more love. It's actually amazing what a simple plot change can do when you do it right and let me tell you all: Zero no Tsukaima gets romance right!

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The fanservice isn't the best, but its good. Louise's stuttering nervous voice is beyond adorable and I guarantee you'll fall in love with her the minute you hear it. Saito is actually pretty solid as a lead male in this genre and he surprises often. He brings balance to the anime.

Anyways, overall, I would reccommend this to anyone who loves romance anime with strong harem theme, but isn't truly harem. I guarantee you won't find many pairings that matches the strength of Louise and Saito.